Earthquake recovery

PhotoWe’ve just published a page linking to the essential websites and information for the earthquake recovery.

It’ll connect you with information on welfare, insurance, buildings, businesses, civil defence and all the tools to help you get through it.

Interviews, book reviews and prizes on the Christchurch Kids Blog

Our cool new blog for kids called the Christchurch Kids Blog was launched last week and we have lots of exciting things for you and your children to check out:

  • Our Star Author – each month we have an awesome author joining us to blog about their books, writing and other things that interest them.  Our very first Star Author is New Zealand’s own Brian Falkner.  Come and find out about his new book The Project, where he gets his ideas from, and what he thinks of book reviews.
  • Steve Cole, the author of Astrosaurs, Cows in Action and Slime Squad was one of the authors who was going to join us for the blog launch, but he was unable to make it.  Luckily, I still got the chance to ask Steve some questions about his books, Doctor Who, and what he does when he’s not writing.
  • Canterbury kids – tell us what you think and you will go in the draw to WIN books.

There are lots of other exciting things to read and watch on the Christchurch Kids Blog so head on over and have a look.