Hug a Portaloo today!

Sixteen thousand years before the next big quake would be about the appropriate length of time, in my humble opinion. Yet no amount of logic could stop me from the primal fear that the much vaunted aftershock of 6 would occur at exactly the same time of day as the original quake and I have a sneaky suspicion I was not the only person in Christchurch with her eyes wide shut at 4:35 this Saturday morning.

But I managed to get a grip on myself and the day just got better and better from there on in. Who would have thought that the community meeting at Brooklands Hall would dish up both John Key and Bob Parker. Or that they would be so approachable, charming, considerate and helpful? There is a limit, I would have thought, to how fascinating the topic of sewerage actually is – but you would never have guessed.

I didn’t get to hug either of them, but the arrival of our very own portaloo was quite good enough for me. Nor did I get to ask those two fine men what role libraries have played in their lives or what books sit on their bedside tables at the moment. But had I managed to attract their attention, rest assured those would be the books with pride of place in my portaloo right now!

Unless you’ve got any better suggestions?