I can’t stop but I don’t care!

So, I’m new to this. I’m contributing to the Library blog for the first time, and it’s The Press Christchurch Writers Festival no less. I’m thinking three words;  jump and deep end!

I have at present more books than I know what to do with. At home – by my bed, on the coffee table, on the floor by the couch and on my desk at work and they are being dipped into, being read or scanned quickly. All to ready myself for the people and their stories, which I’m hoping to absorb at the festival

CoverLast weekend was spent being moved and inspired by the lives and photographs within Mark Beehre’s Men Alone – Men Together and I’m so looking forward to listening to him talk about the journey both he and the men he talked to took to get their lives on paper.

My night time reading is a mad mash up of memories of a New Brighton childhood courtesy of Bruce Ainsley’s Gods and Little Fishes, Owen Marshall’s latest selection of poems, Sleepwalking in Antarctica, and Rachael King’s The Sound of Butterflies.

CoverThe coffee table has Home:  Civilian New Zealanders remember the Second World War by Alison Parr, and a few more poetry books piled on top, including Cup by Alison Wong, who has just won the New Zealand Post Book Awards for her debut novel, As the Earth Turns Silver.

I will hopefully get to listen to All of the above authors at sessions at the festival – find out what they love about their craft, where they get inspiration and also find out if they have a passion for  libraries and all they can offer!

Not only are the new and old  book smells filling my nostrils and keeping me keen, but I’m hoping being in the presence of greatness at the festival will inspire me to finish all my bits of short stories and novels and stuff that at present just taking up space on my computer’s hard drive.

Forward to the festival, forward to enlightenment!

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