2010 Diversity Forum

Along with some of my colleagues I have been lucky enough to have been sent by Christchurch City Libraries to the 2010 New Zealand Diversity forum, which was held in Christchurch this year.  The forum is an annual activity of the New Zealand Diversity Action Programme which has three key objectives:  To recognise and celebrate cultural diversity, promote equality and foster harmonious relations.

The convention centre was filled with colour, vibrancy and a multitude of languages, and the Library was there with a booth highlighting some of the resources that we have

I enjoyed a session where we were treated to stories from women of Indian, Chinese, Dalmatian and Lebanese descent talking about what it was like for their families, and especially their mothers assimilating into a new country.  Their mothers were central to keeping the family cultural identity.  Often they had very little English, but they provided the family with familiar food, customs and language which kept their cultures and families connected.

A few book titles were mentioned and you can find them in our library:

Our webpages also have information for new migrants, or those wanting to find out more about their histories:

3 thoughts on “2010 Diversity Forum

  1. Victoria 23 August 2010 / 2:58 pm

    I’ve totally enjoyed the presentations by key note speakers from Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Migrants’ Settlement Programme, speaking about the challenges the new immigrants are coping in today’s economic environment. Then Jill encouraged the participants to form group circles and discuss current issues with diversity at libraries, it provided us with such an amazing feeling of belonging to the country-wide group of the librarians from Auckland, Wellington, Porirua, Lincoln and Christchurch, who are dealing with similar day-to-day issues when welcoming customers from various backgrounds – truly unforgattable and valuable experience throughout!

    • keenanj 23 August 2010 / 7:50 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it Victoria. Today was a wonderful experience. There are some very dedicated people in this country!

  2. William Le 26 August 2010 / 4:41 pm

    It is definitely true when we have an identity in the international community.

    We should expect every ethnic has one organization or a body to make everyone come together.

    It was a great job! Well done!

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