Credo Reference: all your questions answered

If  you’re working on a research paper, trying to win trivia games, complete that annoying cross word puzzle or just curious, Credo Reference has something for you! Our Credo Reference collection contains over 100 searchable and browsable full text online reference books from some of the world’s leading publishers, including Bloomsbury, Collins, Penguin and Thames and Hudson. For example:

Bonus attributes

  • Crossword Solver – Enter the letters you do have and question marks for those you don’t and see what Credo can do!
  • Measurement Conversions – covers area, weight, fuel consumption, speed volume etc.
  • Credo concept map –  enables you to quickly find information when you don’t know exactly what you are looking for and want to expand your knowledge of a given area.
  • Image search – pictures of everything you have in mind!

You can access Credo Reference and many other useful electronic resources from home with your library card number and PIN, or at our community libraries.

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