I’m Mr Lucky*

LogoSomeone, somewhere, mustn’t have been paying attention, because I am being allowed to go to another festival.

The Press Christchurch Writers Festival is nearly upon us, and to my delight among the team selected to go is me!  Also to my delight, we have a big bunch of people going this time, so you guys can really get a full sense of all the events, and from heaps of different perspectives.  I guess everyone will introduce themselves as the week goes on, but in the meantime, I’m going to try to earn my keep a bit by name-dropping all the authors I personally am already looking forward to seeing:  Alexa Johnston and Rosemary McLeod (with afternoon tea!), Simon Kernick, Jake Adelstein, Rachael King, David McPhail, Clive Hamilton, my old English lecturer Dr Elizabeth Gordon, Simon Winchester, Neil Cross and Dave Dobbyn.  Oh, and lots of Poetry for Lunch, and a dead exciting (hur hur) murder mystery evening, complete with dress-ups and the Court Jesters.

If any of this is making you jealous, remember this time it’s actually HERE in Christchurch, so all you have to do is grab a festival booklet from any of our libraries and get yourself some tickets!  Not only that, but there’s a lot of free stuff happening too, with book launches, readings in the libraries and heaps more.

(* “I’m Mr Lucky” – a quote from the best character in the best cartoon series of all time:  identify the character and the TV show, and win a prize!) (sort of) …