Quirky short love stories

I randomly picked up Anthropology and a hundred other stories and read it all in a lunch hour.  Each of the 101 short stories are 101 words long and cover the same subject – relationships.

The stories  range from the darkly cynical to the bizarre yet moving. Meet Amber who liked to go to supermarkets naked, or Opal and her imaginary horse. Then there is Lola who carved a wooden statue of the speaker only to decide she liked the statue better. Angelique drives the speaker to stick pins in his face, Paris is literally catatonic after her bike is stolen, while one nameless girlfriend can only think of smoking as a past time for her job application.

These stories made me laugh out loud and filled in a bleak lunch hour during a mid week blah fest. I recommend this book by Dan Rhodes to all those with short attention spans who are looking for the quirky.