Youth. Wasted on the young …

According to our calendar, August is Youth Month here in the library.  But wait, I hear you say, seems like every month is youth month!  And we agree, because we are (mostly) all old and curmudgeonly.  So here in the Popular Team, we are going to let everyone else talk about today’s ‘yoof’, and instead we are going to focus on what life was like when WE were young.  In fact, we are so excited by the prospect that we’ve already spent a good hour or more reminiscing about our favourite books, music and movies from our (distant) early days.

We’re going to drive everyone crazy by loudly talking about the first album we bought, the best and worst fashion we remember, the movies of our youth, and the books we loved to read (the acceptable ones, and the ones we had to read under the bedclothes at night).  We’re even going to haul all our old tat out from cupboards and under beds and place it on display here at the Central Library.  Come in and check it out, and have a go at matching memories to librarians, or see if you recognise anything from your own past …

I’ll start the ball rolling, by ‘fessing up to AbbaBay City Rollers and the Stranglers, knickerbockers with striped socks, Blue Lagoon, Bear Island and Ice Station Zebra, Sapphire and Steel, Blake’s 7, Peyton Place, and the Magic Faraway Tree.  So now you all know how old I am:  anyone else out there willing to embarrass themselves more than me?

OverDrive: Audiobook heaven

Christchurch City Libraries has had access to OverDrive since October of last year and it is proving to be very popular. For those of you not in the know yet, OverDrive is a free digital media platform which allows library customers to download audiobooks to their personal digital audio device – such as MP3 players like iPods.

By downloading and installing the free OverDrive software, customers can use their library card and PIN to:

  • Download fiction and non-fiction titles from home at any time;
  • Transfer the titles to an iPod or other MP3 player for portable entertainment at the gym, walking or relaxing
  • Burn some titles to disc
  • Avoid late fees – the items will self expire

More than 500 best-selling and classic titles form our current collection, and more titles will become available in the future – for adults, young adults and children.

We have everything from Shakespeare’s Hamlet to  Nora Robert’s Hot Rocks. We also have fifty always available titles  that are always available to check out. No waiting on holds, just instant satisfaction. The most popular titles in that part of the Overdrive collection include  Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage and Ten books that screwed up the world.

We also have not forgotten the kids or young adults. There are classics from Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll and more recent authors such as Jacqueline Wilson and the Lightning Thief’s Rick Riordan. For the Young Adults we have Tamora Pierce and the very popular Another Faust.