Te kupu o te rā: Tihi

CoverEach day during Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, we’ll be bringing you te kupu o te rā – the word of the day, complete with audio so you can hear the word said aloud and read in a sentence.

Today’s word is : Cheese – Tihi

This cheese is yellow.

He kōwhai te tihi nei.

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Sub-titled films

CoverThe blog is currently occupied with thoughts of the forthcoming international film festival. Idly flicking through the free festival brochure in the local pizza take-away awaiting my Meatlovers Special, I recalled one of the films that is to be shown – Red Shoes.

I’d watched it as a child and could remember little about it except that Moira Shearer’s pointe work was pretty damn impressive as was the Technicolour process used. Having conjured up my first non-speaking film I then tried to recall the first sub-titled film I had ever watched and to my amazement it became clear that I’d left it pretty late in life before starting to watch non-English speaking films!

I can’t remember how, when or why (possibly somebody recommended the music score to me) but I do remember bringing home a video version of Cinema Paradiso. It was absolutely fantastic – I got so caught up in the story and the characters that it proved no problem at all to read the sub-titles, and the storyline, photography and music just ‘gelled’ perfectly.

 A few years later I watched it again in DVD format and an ‘alternative’ ending had been added. Part of me wishes I had never watched this alternative ending as the original ending was far more emotional and moving …

Who else out there can recall the first sub-titled film they watched and whether they could still recommend it today?