Poetry on our windows

CoverThe Gloucester Street windows of the Central Library will be wreathed in words next week, leading up to National Poetry Day on Friday 30 July 2010.

Phantom Billstickers are helping us to celebrate the day by pasting Poem Posters on the windows of the library. Poem Posters feature New Zealand and American poems, they can be seen on streets all around the world – and next week they can be seen in Gloucester Street. 

If the posters whet your appetite, come on into the library and check out the books we have by the featured poets. My personal favourite is Tusiata Avia but there will be lots of other poets featured.

One thought on “Poetry on our windows

  1. Helen Lowe 22 July 2010 / 7:24 pm

    Sounds fantastic–I love the Phantom Billstickers poems. So many favourites, but I’d have to vote for Frankie McMillan’s “Developing my Father” or Michele Leggott’s “Wonderful to Relate”, from the fabulous poetry collections “Dressing for the Cannibals” (Suidden Valley Press, 2009) and “Mirabile Dictu” (Auckland University Press, 2009) respectively.

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