Homage to Alice

Alice in Videoland
photo courtesy of Alice in Videoland


There’s a business in town that has become a cultural icon, celebrating 25 years of promoting good film in Christchurch. Alice in Videoland has been around since May 25 1985, providing a treasure house of art house and classic movies,  first on video and now on DVD.  

Movie fans will remember the original Alice in Hereford Street complete with  giant tea-pot counter and  a little humpbacked bridge at the entrance. When Alice moved into the old Post Office building on High Street they were among the pioneers of funkiness at that end of town. The new digs provided even more space and today the place is an institution. Long time Alice identity Nick Paris is a regular spokesman for the International Film Festival which starts later this month.

2 thoughts on “Homage to Alice

  1. zackids 21 July 2010 / 12:22 pm

    I absolutely loved their old place in Hereford St! My dad used to work down the road so my parents would take us in there all the time and it was a real treat. It was just like stepping into Wonderland! Christchurch wouldn’t be the same without them that’s for sure.

  2. cloudy5 25 July 2010 / 11:21 am

    We first discovered AIV when we moved to Christchurch in 1996. Coming from a small rural Scottish town where the movies of the days included Rambo, Terminator and Mad Max, this movie rental store was like a feast of riches. French, German, Scandinavian and all kinds of comedy movies for me, sci-fi, cult, documentaries for my husband and a couple of years later, all the fantastic children’s movies and TV programmes for our children made staying in a desirable option. We still use it heaps although it is getting a little expensive.

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