Raring to Read

Cover of Mum's Robot Want to help your child with reading but unsure where to start? The library offers a terrific selection of early readers on their Into Reading shelves found in the Children’s area. Much of the reading fare my daughter has brought home from school has been pretty lacklustre and uninspiring  but on the library shelves we have found some gems.

The Wayland Start Reading selection is worth particular mention. The titles are organised into reading level colours and within each level a number of titles are arranged in groups of four. Each group is about a particular character – the books are humorous, engaging and exceptionally clever at creating  real, original stories with vocabulary that can be deciphered by the beginning reader.

My daughter loves them so much that we have taken to placing holds (free for children) on all the books in a particular group so that she can read them on successive nights. These books we use to supplement the homework books, particularly on weekends or holidays.

Other useful series of books we have enjoyed are the Reading Corner and Leapfrog titles.

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