Bad weather great news for crafty kids

CoverWith the winter weather continuing, it is now time for children to either tidy their bedroom or get crafty. The library has a huge collection of kids craft books, with easy-to-follow instructions.

Most activities require paper, paste, paint, string and scissors, plus items that can usually be found  in pencil cases and junk drawers.

I was pleased to find that for each project I ended up with something that looked similar to what was in the book. Then I got adventurous!

Some library staff were being creative with junk and making  masks, so while they were doing that, I found some newsprint and with the help of   ‘Make it!’ I made a papier mache bowl. The hardest part was deciding how to decorate it. I’m not sure if I would like to turn my woolly hat and gloves into toys just yet, but the paper pots and jeans bags look pretty cool.

Have you made anything crafty lately? Got any tips for the best craft book you’ve found?

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One thought on “Bad weather great news for crafty kids

  1. robertafsmith 29 June 2010 / 12:54 pm

    Great ideas here Valerie – if only I had the time (I’ll forgo the child at this stage!).I once (long long ago) made furniture using cardboard boxes cross laminated. The flat, really hard sheets are then inserted into one another to make everything from stools to chairs. They can then be painted and make great conversation pieces. I went to a course on this – but don’t remember there being any book about it. My daughter still has the items that we made!

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