Hilarious new picture books

There have been lots of great new picture books coming out lately, especially ones that’ll have you and your children laughing out loud at the silly antics of farm animals, a nanny goat that adopts a tiger, and a boy who wears nothing but green.

  • Cover imageIn The Nanny Goat’s Kid, the amazing picture book duo of Tony Ross and Jeanne Willis tell us the story of the Nanny Goat who can’t have children but adopts one instead.  He’s different from all the other kids – he’s a tiger cub!  When the other kids start to go missing, everyone blames the Nanny Goat’s Kid, but was it really him?  Another quirky story from this talented team that older children will enjoy too.
  • The Gobble, Gobble, Mooooo Tractor Book is the latest book by Jez Alborough, the very clever author who introduced us to Duck in the Truck.  One morning, while the farmer is still asleep, Sheep climbs up onto the tractor and starts making tractor sounds.  Soon all the other animals join in and they’re making so much noise that they wake up the farmer, but what will happen next?  Parents and children will have fun making the animal sounds together and laughing at the animal’s antics.
  • Green by Mark Sperring and illustrated by Leo Timmers is the story of Clive who wears nothing but green.  “Green shoes, green socks and a bright green hat.”  His sister is forever teasing him, telling him he looks like a cabbage, a toad, and a beastly bug (among other green things), until one day he decides that he has had enough.  A hilarious book about sibling squabbles, with bright, bulgey illustrations by Leo Timmers.

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