Knitting on Top of the World

Sorry, this is NOT a blog about knitting on top of big mountains, or even particularly about knitting from mountainous countries. It is however a blog about a woman who likes to knit. And since this Saturday is Knit in Public Day (event at the City Art Gallery), it’s a knitting blog post.

Recently, I came across a small article in Vogue Knitting about Mary Taylor, who was inspired by the film Julie and Julia – the story of Julie Powell who blogged about mastering every recipe in Julia Child’s 1961 classic in one year. Julie’s blog became a book, and then became a movie.

So inspired was Mary that she has decided to replicate Julie’s experiences and “blog her way through a masterwork by one of her favourite authors”.

Knitting on Top of the World book cover

In Mary’s case, she’s a knitter, not a cook. So she chose a work by Nicky Epstein, a well-known knitwear designer. And she chose a real doozy of a work to replicate!

Knitting on Top of the World : a global guide to traditions, techniques and design is visually stunning, craftily inspiring, richly illustrated and a real work of passion and love for all things knitted.

It’s also full of very complicated, increasingly complex and explosively coloured knitted garments from all parts of the globe. There’s fifty patterns. She’s given herself four years to work her way through the different patterns in the book. She’s has allocated one month per garment. That’s a heck of a lot of wool, not to mention the amount of knitting to be done!

For someone who is still mastering the basics of knitting (and has been for over twenty years!), I can’t imagine what would possess someone to set themselves such a mountainous task. I’ll be watching her progress along the way to see how she gets on over the coming months and years. You too can follow her woollen adventures on her blog :