Errors in Craft books

Aidez-moi! Corrections to my pattern please!

You have just knitted the back of a  jersey when you realise that something has gone horribly wrong.  You panic, read the pattern over and over, and realise that it has to be UNPICKED!  Perhaps you start again and find that it’s  still not right.  You believe that you are a hopeless knitter, that you can’t follow instructions, and angrily biff the unfinished object into the back of your wardrobe.

Hope for all of these unfinished masterpieces could be at hand however, as it may not be your fault.

A number of craft book and magazine publishers now have websites that include corrections to pattern errors.  If you find that the pattern is not working, it could well be worth looking up the publisher, or the title of the book or magazine on the Internet to see if they have published corrections.

Here are a few that I have found: