Comfort Zones

Mystery Books at Upper Riccarton

No sooner have you carved out a comfort zone for yourself than you are urged to step outside of it.

The library itself is no haven from this trend. The Five Book Challenge is in full swing and I am starting to feel like a bad, bad person for failing to give it a bash. But last week, while on desk at Upper Riccarton, I looked up and felt the cogs of the Universe lock into place. In front of me was a table groaning under the weight of several beautifully packaged Mystery Book parcels and as luck would have it, there were five books per pack.

I took two packs: “Girls Night In” and “Take a Trip”. For starters “Girls Night In” was a complete disaster – I have to face the harsh reality that I am no longer “a girl”. The pack contained two Chick Lit novels, two style books and a book called Tea Time – 30 irresistible and delicious afternoon treats. I don’t know anyone who bakes biscuits on her girls night in. If you do, can I be your friend?

My “Take a Trip” pack was a better choice and I could probably read all of them. It contained:

I’ve seen Mystery Book parcels at several libraries round the network, Upper Riccarton, Shirley and Hornby to name a few. They have, without exception, been put together with a lot of love, care, time and effort. I wonder what customer feedback has been like.

In so far as my combined Five Book Mystery Parcel Challenge went, the “sunny side up” me had fun, but the “jam side down” Roberta just kept asking: “Why? Why? Why?”