Queenly things – Queen’s Birthday

CoverMonday 7 June is a holiday on which New Zealand celebrates the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. 21 April was her actual birthday and she turned 84 (she was born in 1926).

Here’s some things regal:

Queen’s Birthday honours are traditionally bestowed over the long weekend.

And other queenly things:

Christchurch Cathedral- Image of the week

The bell tower and spire, Christchurch Cathedral. 1920s?

The bell tower and spire, Christchurch Cathedral

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Wow, it’s been 30 years

CoverIf you watch TV, you shouldn’t have missed the point that TVNZ celebrates 50 years of broadcasting this month.

However, did you also clock that it has been 30 years since The Empire Strikes Back was released? While I wasn’t quite old enough to see it in the cinema originally, I certainly remember watching it later on video.  I still watch it whenever it makes for a re-run on tv. So for a trip down memory lane, why now get your Empire Strikes Back fix from the library, in the form of the DVD or various books.

I’d even hazard a guess that it is one of those films which proves that sequels aren’t always worse than the original. Yes, I thought Episode V (Empire Strikes Back) was better than Episode IV.

So do you remember watching the original at the movies? And which Star Wars flick is your favourite? Or do you avoid Star Wars like the plague?