New in the Aotearoa New Zealand Centre

If you want to find out anything about New Zealand, and especially Canterbury – history, family history, cooking, children’s books, politics – the Aotearoa New Zealand Centre (ANZC) on the second floor of Central Library is a good place to begin. New items come flooding in to ANZC every week. That is because we hold books, CDs, DVDs and maps as reference only copies. The variety of items on ANZC shelves is enormous.
Here are just some of the items that have come in this week:

CoverLiving and working in New Zealand, edited by David Hampshire, covers all aspects of life in NZ from coin telephones, starting a business, education,  insurance and social customs (“it is considered socially acceptable to drop in on friends”  – “kiwis generally prefer not to ‘beat about the bush'”).

The hole in the bush: A Tuatapere centennial review compiled by Des Williams, is a local history
Best of both worlds: the story of Elsdon Best and Tutakangahau by Jeffrey Paparoa Holman recounts the story of an 1895 meeting between these two figures of history.

Shear hard work: a history of New Zealand shearing by Hazel Riseborough is, unbelievably, the first history of shearing in New Zealand.

100 favourite muffins and slices by Simon and Alison Holst; photography by Leslie Keats looks good enough to eat.

CoverRyan Nelsen’s road to the World Cup with Tony Smith is extremely topical given the imminent beginning of the largest sporting event in the world.

New Zealand birth certificates by Paul Moon is a fascinating little book which reproduces 50 of New Zealand’s founding documents such as Cook’s map, the national anthem and the South Pacific Nuclear Free Treaty.

Catalogue of New Zealand commemorative medals, 1941-2007, edited and typeset by Martin Purdy by Hamish McMaster, a must for all you numismatists out there.

Ebony Hill by Anna MacKenzie, the eagerly awaited sequel to Sea Wreck Stranger.

The 42 Below story by Justin Troy with Geoff Ross tells the story of the vodka with small beginnings in Geoff Ross’s garage.

Tuhoe tales: the story of a motor ship saved from the scrapper by Colin Amodeo about the boat which currently conveys visitors up and down the river from Kaiapoi.

The Stade sisters’ families: comprising details of the descendant families of Hilda Henrietta Stade and Thelma Henrietta Stade. This is one example of many family histories that ANZC has on the shelves.

More next week …