An Outsider in the Art World

cover of Seven Days in the Art WorldSarah Thornton considers herself “an outsider with good access” who has used that access to write a fascinating bestseller about the world of contemporary art. Called Seven Days in the Art World she goes behind the scenes of auctions, prizes, exhibitions, studios etc for a witty and informative look at what goes on. We all know that for gossip and scandal the art world probably outdoes literature, music and even the theatrical worlds. Discuss.

Her next book will be on artists and Banksy is top of the list to interview. The elusive street artist is one of the delights of being in London. She describes it as “magical when you come across one of his murals”. The destruction of one of his murals on a Post Office back lot after only a few days she describes as tragic. The Royal Mail “couldn’t distinguish between vandalism and creative appropriation of a public space”. She thinks he is an interesting communicator, on a lot of different levels, and to different ages.

Her flying visit to New Zealand includes tackling “What Good are the Arts” with John Carey and Denis Dutton and going to a group show opening which includes artist Fiona Jack who appears in her book in the chapter about The Crit session. She is also visiting a couple of major collectors in their homes to see the works they have.

Her official website has a great list of articles if you want to find out more about contemporary art. If you are lucky enough to travel she recommends the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern in London and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

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