Not in Kansas Now

CoverStumbling out on to Queen Street in a daze of shopping signs and people I’m joining Roberta in that small town feeling.

I visited the Women’s Bookshop which is a lovely example of how important the selection of books is to making a good shop. It’s very small and plain style wise but great stock. They’re publicising the Fifty Fifty Women at the moment. A little further down the road and I’m at Cook the Books. Great name and lovely looking shop but I was a little disappointed. The latest cookbooks were lovingly displayed but there weren’t all those wonderful cookbooks that have been published over the years. I think Books for Cooks in Melbourne has spoilt me, not to mention the fabulous selection of cooking books and food writing at Christchurch City Libraries. Still the shop assistants were talking to punters about recipes they had tried from different books.

Now I’m back in my room reflecting on “travel broadens the mind”.  Air New Zealand is supporting New Zealand Music Month and their Kia Ora magazine is highlighting that plus it had some lovely cheese recipes from Martin Bosley. I can also tell you that making a naked (body painted)  in flight safety video with Gin Wigmore on the soundtrack certainly gets the punters attention.

2 thoughts on “Not in Kansas Now

  1. richard 12 May 2010 / 6:40 pm

    THe Air NZ promotion for music month also had CHARTFEST (at the Town hall at the end of May) listed.

  2. Donna 12 May 2010 / 7:00 pm

    Reading about cookbooks and cheese before tea is causing stomach rumblings in this department.

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