NZ Post Children’s Book Awards Festival comes to town

The winners of the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards are announced next Wednesday at the awards ceremony in Auckland, but in the lead-up to this is the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards Festival which runs from 10-19 May.  As part of this festival the finalist authors and illustrators travel around the country promoting their books and each region organises events that tie-in with the finalist books.

In Christchurch we are lucky enough to have a very dedicated group of organisers who have worked out some very cool events.  Parents and toddlers can go along to Madras Bookshop Cafe on Thursday from 10:30-11am to enjoy stories with Susan and the Storytram with Liz Weir is running on Tuesday 18 May for those lucky enough to get tickets.  On Saturday 15 May you can go along to Crazy Creatures with Creative Junk to listen to stories and make your own crazy creatures to take home.  Bookings are essential so give us a call if you’re interested.

Tonight (Tuesday 11 May), one of the Young Adult book finalists is speaking about her book Banquo’s Son.  If you are interested, come along to Fendalton Library from 7:30-9:00pm tonight.  This is a free event and no booking is required.

For more information, grab a brochure from your library today or check out our NZ Post Children’s Book Awards page on the Kids website.

A Puffin in the library

Lindon Puffin is one of those names that’s hard to forget.  It has a great ring to it and it’s totally unique, much like the man himself.  Lindon Puffin, for those who haven’t heard of him, is a local lad who calls Lyttelton home.  He’s been part of the Christchurch music scene for years, starting off in the glam rock band The Puffins, before starting a solo career and releasing Stuff Like That in 2003.  His music is described as  ‘a blend of heartfelt acoustic, country, rock and folk music,’ and his performances are always entertaining.

If you want to catch Lindon Puffin you can see him this Wednesday (12 May) with performances in Central Library at 12:30pm and the Christchurch Art Gallery from 7-8pm.   You can find out more about Lindon by reading his profile on the library website which also has links to his website and MySpace page.

Good Show Sir-Only the worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers

Good Show Sir is a UK website celebrating the terrible splendour that is Science Fiction and Fantasy artwork.  Christchurch City Libraries offers you the chance to read the book and then marvel at the book cover…take this one, featuring a merhorse with punky and yet still fully frou-frou hair (eat your heart out MyLittle Pony), a lithesome, glittering raven-haired mermaid-vixen lady, oh, and a rainbow and lots of waves and foamey stuff because there really wasn’t enough happening in the picture already.

For more sc-fi/fantasy shock and awe visit Good Show Sir. Enjoy!

You’re having a bad hair day, idiot

coverYou know you’re having a bad day when a colleague suggests your new haircut makes you look like a used car salesman. And that it’s an improvement. And you know your day is getting worse when the spell checker decides your last name should be replaced with the word idiot.

Oh well, the bumpier the ride, the more interesting the story. And it’s good to bear that in mind as we head into the Auckland Writers and Readers festival – an event that, like New Zealand Music Month, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Festival artistic director Jill Rawnsley tells her story in our just-published interview – how she’s given a large chunk of her life to the festival, and how determined she is that youth connect with literature and writers.

We’ll be doing our best to make the most of our opportunities at the festival and invite you to follow us and ask questions along the way. Other places you can read about the festival include:

Got a bad hair day story, or an idiot moment to share? If you’ve been flushed from the bathroom of someone’s heart, cheer yourself up and get to a music month gig, and follow our festival coverage from tomorrow. In the meantime, you can find out the science of why bad days happen, or ease the burden by commenting your blues away …