Culture tunnels

This rather open-ended title is by a jazz four-sometimes-five-some called Aronas. They are based in Australia and perform all over the world. The piano player is Aron Ottignon. He is a bit of a genius and he comes from New Zealand.

This debut album of theirs came out in 2007. For some reason, this incredibly clever bunch of guys is not a household name just yet. Their exuberant riffs run in, up and around some seriously tight rhythms, with which these guys do things with that are positively in-your-face outrageous, given the 4 x 4 days we live in now! They fall over each other, slipping in and out of various pulses and keep this album driving relentlessly forward. They really are having way too much fun, although just to prove they are more than talented, funky and fun they throw in a delicious little number at the end which leaves you with a very yummy feeling in your tummy.

Their next album is due to come out in time for May Music Month. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

If you like this you may also be interested in the Mamaku Project, Departure Lounge or another unsung New Zealand jazz sensation Kevin Clark.

Check out this list of New Zealand jazz recordings.

One thought on “Culture tunnels

  1. richard 3 May 2010 / 1:54 pm

    I’ll have to explore the tunnels – I really enjoyed the Mamaku Project album, so will have to try something new this month.

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