Cool Kids on the Blog

I’m off to a VAMPIRE WEEKEND in Auckland!

What can I say about these guys to give you an idea of their wittiness and class?

Founded in 2006, they became well known in the so-called indie-rock circles through blogs, they were the first band to make the cover for Spin magazine before they had even released an album!

His avant-garde highness Mr David Byrne gave a gracious review of one of their early gigs in his e-journal.
Debut album out in 2008, second one released last January and they are still using those African and Caribbean rythms as well as they did on their first (think Paul Simon).

These guys are ice cold, make sure to give them a go!

Zombie Survival

Do you know a search for “Zombie Survival” in our catalogue brings up 3 results? I work for the best Library…


Anzac Day inspection – Image of the week

Lord Jellicoe inspects the First Canterbury Guard of Honour, Anzac Day, foundation stone ceremony, Bridge of Remembrance. 25 April 1923

Lord Jellicoe inspects the First Canterbury Guard of Honour, ANZAC Day, foundation stone ceremony, Bridge of Remembrance

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Let the nevers bite the dust

CoverI’m Roberta, and I’m going to the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival this May.

Now there’s a sentence I never thought I would see in print – and it feels good! In fact, with that one sentence a whole bunch of “nevers” bite the dust: I’ve never been to a literary festival in New Zealand, never been to one anywhere in the world for that matter and, cherry on the top – I’ve never been to Auckland either.

Of course I’m euphoric. I’ve got a spring in my step and a great big smile on my mug. That said, I am waking up at 2am with sweaty palms and the words “podcast” and “blog” beating a merciless tattoo behind my terrified eyes. But together with the rest of the team we’ll be firing on all cylinders before too long.

What this means is that I have been given the chance to rediscover the joy of focused reading. Of course I read for pleasure all the time, but to resurrect the thrill of reading with a purpose is a special privilege. Next to my comfy chair, on my round table with a specially angled reading lamp, there now stands a gently leaning stack of books I must read and be able to comment on with some degree of insight by the 12th May  –  and I am in my element. The pile includes Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed, Lionel Shriver’s So Much For That and William Dalrymple’s Nine Lives.

And yes, I have bought new stationery for those of you who must know. Really, it doesn’t get better than this!