Five Book Challenge

Leap outside of your comfy blanket and read something different ...

Here in the Popular team at the library, we love books, and we love reading.  Between us all, we probably cover just about every genre and type of book, from steampunk to short stories, from contemporary fiction to forensic crime.  Which is great, if we are all here at the same time in the same place!


What we are finding is that although together we know heaps, separately our knowledge can look a little patchy.  It’s easy to find and read stuff that you know and love, and very very difficult to get motivated to step outside your comfort zone.  Therefore, in the interests of stepping up to the mark and being brave, we are going to put our big-girl pants on and each nominate one genre or fiction area that we don’t know anything about, and boldly read five, yes five, new books in that genre over the next few months.

For me this will mean a foray into the mysterious world of contemporary fiction, where nothing weird happens but lots of people think deep thoughts about life.  For others, it will be a bold step into the future with science fiction, or a steamy session with a bodice-ripping saga, or even a walk on the wild (west) side with a cowboy western. 

To make sure we actually follow through on the promise, we will be checking in with each other at regular intervals, and we will also be asking people for lots of help in finding something good to read in our chosen area.  Obviously, we are also publicising our mission through the blog here, so it’s not only us Popular gals keeping tabs on each other.  You blog readers can also feel free to enquire/inspire/nag us to keep going.

And maybe some of you will want to join us.  Just a thought.  If you only ever read from one set of shelves, maybe you’d like to think about stepping outside your comfort zone too, and boldly go etc etc.  And if you’re feeling really brave, you could even reply to this post and go public too!  We’ll await your declarations …