Recent necrology, March 2010

Necrology – a list of notable people who have died recently

Winston Churchill, 1940-2010
MP and journalist of mercurial talent who never quite emerged from the shadow of his famous grandfather
Mary Clive, 1907-2010
Author who cast her sharp eye on the Season, describing ‘dowdy debutantes’ and their ‘deformed’ delights
Robert Culp, 1930-2010
American actor
Kenneth Dover, 1920-2010
Outstanding Greek scholar who was strangely frank about his sex life and once plotted murder
Michael Foot, 1913-2010
Fomer UK Labour leader and eminent man of letters
Charlie Gillett, 1942-2010
Radio DJ and historian of rock and roll who became a passionate champion of world music
Rose Gray, 1939-2010
Cook who co-founded the River Café and made it one of London’s most talked-about restaurants
Corey Haim, 1972-2010
Hollywood teen star of Lost Boys
Philip Langridge, 1939-2010
Tenor acclaimed as the successor to Peter Pears who excelled in the operas of Benjamin Britten
Paddie O’Neil, 1926-2010
Lion-tamer’s daughter who became a comedy actress and often appeared with her husband Alfred Marks
Fess Parker, 1924-2010
Actor whose popularity in the role of Davy Crockett led to a boom in the sale of coonskin hats
Don Peebles, 1922-2010
One of the pioneers of New Zealand abstract painting
Ariel Ramirez, 1921-2010
Argentine composer, pianist and music director
Ole Schmidt, 1928-2010
Exuberant Danish composer and conductor who made his name performing unconventional works
Suzanne St Albans, 1921-2010
Author who drew on her hazardous and exotic childhood and married a descendant of Nell Gwyn
Elspeth Thompson, 1961-2010
Popular gardening and interiors writer
Susana Walton, 1926-2010
Loyal wife of the composer William Walton who supported him and created one of the world’s great gardens

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