Recent necrology, March 2010

Necrology – a list of notable people who have died recently

Winston Churchill, 1940-2010
MP and journalist of mercurial talent who never quite emerged from the shadow of his famous grandfather
Mary Clive, 1907-2010
Author who cast her sharp eye on the Season, describing ‘dowdy debutantes’ and their ‘deformed’ delights
Robert Culp, 1930-2010
American actor
Kenneth Dover, 1920-2010
Outstanding Greek scholar who was strangely frank about his sex life and once plotted murder
Michael Foot, 1913-2010
Fomer UK Labour leader and eminent man of letters
Charlie Gillett, 1942-2010
Radio DJ and historian of rock and roll who became a passionate champion of world music
Rose Gray, 1939-2010
Cook who co-founded the River Café and made it one of London’s most talked-about restaurants
Corey Haim, 1972-2010
Hollywood teen star of Lost Boys
Philip Langridge, 1939-2010
Tenor acclaimed as the successor to Peter Pears who excelled in the operas of Benjamin Britten
Paddie O’Neil, 1926-2010
Lion-tamer’s daughter who became a comedy actress and often appeared with her husband Alfred Marks
Fess Parker, 1924-2010
Actor whose popularity in the role of Davy Crockett led to a boom in the sale of coonskin hats
Don Peebles, 1922-2010
One of the pioneers of New Zealand abstract painting
Ariel Ramirez, 1921-2010
Argentine composer, pianist and music director
Ole Schmidt, 1928-2010
Exuberant Danish composer and conductor who made his name performing unconventional works
Suzanne St Albans, 1921-2010
Author who drew on her hazardous and exotic childhood and married a descendant of Nell Gwyn
Elspeth Thompson, 1961-2010
Popular gardening and interiors writer
Susana Walton, 1926-2010
Loyal wife of the composer William Walton who supported him and created one of the world’s great gardens

Helen Lowe heads for publishing bigtime

Christchurch based Helen Lowe,  has just sold the UK and Australia/New Zealand rights to her 4-book Fantasy series, The Wall of Night to Little Brown & Co in the UK. She has already sold the North American rights to HarperCollins and the first book, The Heir of Night, is scheduled for publication in the United States and Canada in October.

Helen’s first novel, Thornspell was launched at Fendalton Library in 2008.   The book went on to win the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel: Young Adult in 2009 and was also a Storylines Children’s Literature Trust Notable Book.
When asked how she felt about the deal, Lowe said: “Very happy! Selling the books into the UK and Australia/New Zealand markets, as well as being published in the USA/Canada, is a pretty big deal for a new New Zealand author.”

Regatta Day – image of the week

Regatta Day on the Avon, circa 1921.

Regatta Day on the Avon

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