An Easter list – from Easter Parade to Jesus Christ Superstar

Some Easter things which aren’t bunnies, eggs or chocolate:

  • Easter Parade – an Irving Berlin musical starring Judy Garland.
  • Easter Rising – 1916 insurrection in Ireland.
  • Easter Island – famous for its large headed statues,  called Easter Island by its first European visitor who arrived on Easter Sunday 

Jesus at Easter:

  • The Shroud of Turin – cloth that may have wrapped the body of Christ. In the news again as 3D imaging has been done in an attempt to identify the face.
  • Scary Crucifixion art – before there were horror movies like Saw, there were paintings by the likes of Grunewald to frighten folk silly.
  • Novels about Jesus. Some interesting fiction on Jesus’s life has been done by characters as diverse as  Robert Graves (King Jesus) and pre-Twilight Queen of the Vampires Anne Rice.
  • Passion music – classical music on the theme of Christ’s passion.
  • Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera musical detailing ‘the buzz’ from the Last Supper to the Resurrection, by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.

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You’ve gotta love Lyle Lovett

I was surprised to hear Lyle Lovett was  in town – well, Wellingtown.

I saw him interviewed by a rather fawning and harried Mike Hosking and then again on Saturday Morning with Kim Hill by a more illuminating Mark Cubey.  What a treat and what a sweet and wise Southern gentleman.

I always liked his music, not that I am a huge country fan, but it is music that defies labelling.  Its everything from hillbilly through folk to rock ‘n roll but he is always true to his country roots.  Its simple stuff but with that distinctive plaintive voice and his keen sense of irony and humour.  I would have liked to ask him why he wrote that crazy song, “Fat babies have no pride”.  Why can’t I stop singing it when I see a fat baby – just to myself of course…

I love his short back and sides curly mop top and long chiselled face. He hasn’t changed his cool style since he started out in the 80s. Lyle is a man who feels undressed without his cowboy boots and his stetson.   He breeds and shows horses as well.  Brought up in Klein, Texas on his daddy’s farm where they grew vegetables for a living – he lives there still – now enveloped by the suburbs.

Ironically his marriage to Julia Roberts probably brought him to the attention of the international scene.  When asked about his marriage, he said he didn’t mind in the least being asked but he wouldn’t say a word about it.

He has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, notably Robert Altman’s The Player, Short Cuts and Pret-a-Porter and was asked to be a barman in Crazy Heart but unfortunately couldn’t make it.

Anyway, I have been listening to his latest cd, Natural Forces, and it doesn’t disappoint.   It’s nice to know some things never change.  Did anyone catch his show?

An inside look- Image of the week

Interior of Council chamber, Municipal Buildings, Christchurch [ca. 1921]

Interior of Council chamber, Municipal Buildings, Christchurch

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Ripping yarn yarns

Fiction, like everything else in life, is subject to fads and commissioning editors are rarely slow in picking up on and exploiting trends. Book clubs, cooking, conspiracy theory thrillers and paranormal romance have all recently been done to death but, ta-da, as luck should have it knitting has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance.

Ditching its nana-ish image and becoming the super, trendy craft de jour, “stitch ‘n’ bitch” clubs have sprung up across the globe and famous knitters such as Uma Thurman, Lily Cole, Tracey Ullman and Sarah Jessica Parker have added their celebrity cachet to knitting’s hot, new profile.

Authors have reached for their knitting pins and knitted up some fiction with a crafty twist: often with a diverse range of characters these titles bring focus to the value of female friendship and the many and varied pleasures to be found in the creative process. Yes indeedy, nothing beats the satisfation of a well executed gusset stitch, and even if you are too busy/cack handed/lazy to indulge in any real craft activity you can live vicariously and get all those good homeskill vibes from your fiction.

This month we’re celebrating all things practical at the library and we’ve selected some fiction titles on a knitting or quilting theme. But don’t worry if you aren’t a big fiction reader, the library is also chock-a-block with knitting memoirs, knitting magazines, patterns and inspirations as well as many, many other practical craft titles.