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Everyone wants in on this!
Everyone wants in on this!

There can be no denying that life is busy out there. With the invention of cellphones and email there is no longer any excuse for not being at everyone’s beck and call. Is there no means of a quick escape?

That is where the library can step in. From thrillers to armchair travel, biographies to DIY, we can keep you up to date on the latest titles and recommended reads.

Getting a newsletter gives you the control – find a great read in an area of interest to you and can place a hold on it before anyone else gets their sticky fingers on it.

You can also use our New Titles to find out about new books, new release DVDs, audiobooks, and large print titles. Each Friday our feed of What’s new on our website lists fiction and  non-fiction that has just arrived in the library and titles which have just been ordered.

Come towards the light – subscribe to a library newsletter, check our New Titles and find out what’s new on our website. Reading is your escape and we are the X  that will mark the spot.

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