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I can’t resist anymore – I have to share my enthusiasm for Sciblogs. This New Zealand based network of scientists post on a wide range of topics. What I really like is the standard of the writing. I feel informed about quite complex things. There is sometimes an element of fun  and also some out there controversy. Sciblogs is run by the Science Media Centre which was developed by the Royal Society of New Zealand and is government funded.

As someone who struggled through School Certificate general science with a furrowed brow (although I have memories of a lively and varied learning programme – frog dissection, worm dissection, mixing colourful things over bunsen burners, operating the weather station at primary school) things scientific often were put aside as too hard. But this is wrong – we need to be informed about so many things in our world that affect our everyday lives and good, clear science writing is vital.

Today is Ada Lovelace Day and Sciblogs does include some women scientists and science writers. What they have in common is that winning combination of a passion for science and great skill at communicating it. Try misc.ience (Aimee Whitcroft), Science Life (Rebecca McLeod), Building Blogs of Science (Fabiana Kubke) and more.

In 2006 Britain’s Royal Society published a list of Best Science books ever. Our libraries have many of these titles and some other great science writing. Subscribe to our Next Reads Nature and Science newsletter and we’ll keep you in touch with some of our newest science books.

2 thoughts on “Blog on A Blog

  1. Mo-mo 25 March 2010 / 9:28 am

    I also enjoy the sci-blogs (though I haven’t stopped in there for a while – so you’ve reminded me, thanks).
    I also like Ben Goldacre’s blog as it dispels some of the misinformation that occurs in science reporting. It mostly deals with UK examples so is not always that easy to follow, but I love Goldacre’s unapologetically grumpy, sarcastic style.

  2. david winter 26 March 2010 / 7:02 pm

    Hi Marion,

    Thanks for the nice words about sciblogs from a sciblogs bloke. I’ll make sure the authors pointed to see your post.

    I really wanted to write a post on Barbara McClintock for Ada Lovelace day but work has a way of stopping blogging 😉

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