Another way to find a good book

The Ultimate teen book guideReading book reviews is part of my daily routine, as I work in the team that selects stock for the Library Network.  (And yes, it is a great job!)  I need to be up to date with new titles and any trends in the publishing world, and reviewing journals enable  me to try to keep one step ahead.  

One of my favourite journals  is Good Reading.  Easy and interesting to read, it is published in Australia,  and includes most books that you will find in our bookshops.

What I enjoy most about Good Reading  is the input from readers who send in reviews.  As you can imagine the recommendations are eclectic and far-reaching, and give me an idea of what titles might become very popular, as well as and opportunity to find something for myself!

Good reading is also online, and the web page has links to a free e-newsletter, a blog and access to book titles that include reviews, first chapters and reading notes.  You can also subscribe to the magazine.

The library subscribes to other reviewing journals such as Booksellerand Publishers weekly, and like Good Reading, can also be borrowed.  Our Web pages are also full of ideas for finding great books.

One thought on “Another way to find a good book

  1. Kaye 11 March 2010 / 2:29 pm

    My daughter gave me the on-line sub to Good Reading for a birthday present in January – I really agree with Jane it is great. I have learned a lot and placed Holds on authors that I don’t usually read.

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