Recent necrology, February 2010

Necrology – a list of notable people who have died recently. Now a regular feature on our blog.

  • Irina Arkhipova, 1925-2010
    Russian diva
  • Louis Auchincloss, 1917-2010
    American novelist, historian, and essayist
  • Gene Barry, 1919-2010
    Actor who made his name in Burke’s Law as the Hollywood police chief with a chauffeur-driven Rolls
  • Ian Carmichael, 1920-2010
    Unassuming star of 1950s light comedies who found fresh fame on television as Wooster and Wimsey
  • John Dankworth, 1927-2010
    Giant of British jazz who dazzled as an instrumentalist and as the composer of film and TV scores
  • Dick Francis, 1920-2010
    Jockey who came to grief in a famous Grand National before emerging as one of the most successful thriller writers of his time
  • Kathryn Grayson, 1922-2010
    Shapely star of MGM musicals who won audience hearts in Kiss Me Kate and Show Boat
  • Trevor Griffiths, 1928-2010
    Renowned South Canterbury rosarian and author
  • Michael Harper, 1931-2010
    Priest whose powerful spiritual experiences propelled him to the leadership of the Charismatic movement
  • Lionel Jeffries, 1926-2010
    Actor and director who was a prolific performer before making the much-loved film The Railway Children
  • Mervyn Jones, 1922-2010
    Radical journalist and author who wrote novels and an affectionate biography of Michael Foot
  • Raymond Mason, 1922-2010
    British sculptor of narrative verve who was friends with Giacometti, Picasso and Cartier-Bresson
  • Ralph McInerny, 1929-2010
    Authority on Thomas Aquinas who wrote the Father Dowling mysteries
  • Wyn Morris, 1929-2010
    Gifted conductor who might have entered the musical pantheon but for his maverick tendencies
  • John Reed, 1916-2010
    Stalwart of the D’Oyly Carte company who sparkled in the quickfire patter songs of Gilbert and Sullivan
  • Max Salpeter, 1908-2010
    Violinist who started out accompanying silent films and led the Philharmonia under many great maestros
  • James Stewart, 1925-2010
    Former Principal of Lincoln College and respected rugby coach
  • Wendy Toye, 1917-2010
    Precocious ballerina and choreographer who became one of Britain’s first women film directors
  • Allan Wicks, 1923-2010
    Acclaimed organ recitalist and champion of contemporary music

3 thoughts on “Recent necrology, February 2010

  1. kauri girl 5 March 2010 / 12:54 pm

    Sheesh – all died recently? as in February 2010 or is this a catch-up since late 2009?

    I’d say that February 2010 has been a bit of a shocking month for the arts world!

  2. Marion 8 March 2010 / 9:20 am

    Hi Kauri Girl

    It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere – maybe that’s a factor and most of them are in their 80s. Plus our guru is very assiduous at collecting them, initially to update our catalogue records.

  3. kauri girl 8 March 2010 / 10:37 am

    Thanks Marion – indeed, most of them are in the older age group, but I hadn’t clocked the Northern Hemisphere aspect. Cheers 😉

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