All the beautiful people

The ultimate in scrumptious tittle-tattle and glamour photography, The World in Vogue: People Parties and Places could grace your coffee table for a short time at least. It has just hit the shelves at the Library.

There are 300 delicious photos of the most celebrated actors, artists, models and literati who have appeared in Vogue, snapped by the likes of Cecil Beaton and Annie Leibovitz.

I love the photos of the Gothic themed wedding of Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson. See the high priestess of glam and high drama in her Vivienne Westwood gown,”created from seventeen metres of Swiss silk faille in a dazzling shot violet, draped to swirl and eddy around her hand-span waist and milky bosom”. Such gorgeousness knows no bounds.

Vita’s beautiful riding hat can also be seen in Hats an Anthology by Stephen Jones.

You could even read it for the articles with Truman Capote as a feature writer. Or then again you just might like to ogle the “canine bride (who) wore a veil by designer Ruem Acra.”

What do you think of our compulsive obsessions about the beautiful people in the high end magazines of Vogue and Vanity Fair right down to all those tabloids at the low end?

Baltimore gets New Zealand poetry

I’ve blogged before about the ultra cool poetry posters planted round Christchurch and other places by the wonderful Phantom Billstickers people.

Now they’ve hit Baltimore, Maryland, USA with Aotearoa’s finest. I love the idea that the home of ‘best tv series ever’ The Wire is playing host to the poetry of Janet Frame, Jay Clarkson, Sandra Bell, last year’s Laureate Michele Leggott and more.

Jim Wilson’s post on the Baltimore Poster Run is a gem, read it and feel the power of ‘Charm City’.

Shutter Island : Good; Leo : Not so Good

Shutter IslandThanks goodness for books! I saw the trailer for “Shutter Island” and before I could even say how great I thought it looked, the dreaded words “Starring Leonardo DiCaprio” came up on the screen. For most people, that would be enough to stop them experiencing this psychological drama, but I’m not a mere movie-goer, I’m a movie-going Librarian!  I looked it up on the Read the Book – Then See the Film section of our website and found that the movie is based on a book written by Dennis Lehane, who also wrote Mystic River and Gone, Baby, Gone.

I got it out, read it in two nights and it totally sucked. No, not really, it was actually AWESOME! And not an aged-teen-heart-throb-on-the-decline in sight. So if you like psychological thrillers that slowly ratchet up the pace to a zenith, you should definitely grab Shutter Island.

If you like to read the books on which movies and TV shows are based you can check out either Read the Book – Then See the Film which has a listing of books that are in the process of being made into movies, or Books into Film which lists books that have already been made into movies or adapted for television.

Either way you can annoy people you know by telling them the ending or complaining about how the TV/Film adaption “missed the point”, is obviously “not as good as the book” and if you particularly don’t like someone you could say that the film is a good introduction for people who may not have it in them to read the proper version.

Global Football Fever

Christchurch is in the midst of global football fever. This coming weekend the finals of the Global Football Festival take place at Bexley Reserve.

Supporters from many cultures will crowd the touch lines to cheer on their teams. Delicious ethnic food stalls will help to keep the fans fed throughout the day. The passion that football generates around the world in widely different cultures will be on full display.

About the only thing that probably won’t be happening is the Kiwi football fans’ tradition of stripping off their shirts when their team is winning. For demonstrations of this you can tune in to the semi finals of the A League where the Wellington Phoenix will go head to head with the Newcastle Jets at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington. (An event leading to dreadful headlines like “Phoenix sure to rise at Cake Tin” !).

If you are a football newby we have some great books in our catalogue – try Nick Hornby’s little classic Fever Pitch for a look at serious football fandom.