Rolling thunder – hog heaven

If you think the city’s been noisy lately, you’re right. And you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Christchurch is this weekend hosting the 20th National HOG Rally. Around 700 Harley Davidsons are rolling their way through our wide, flat streets.

Tomorrow they head from Riccarton Racecourse to Lyttelton – through the tunnel and then back over Dyer’s Pass Road through the central city.

It’ll be rolling thunder and a highlight for many of the owners of these machines, who love the bikes and the spirit of freedom they represent.

So what does the library have for Harley enthusiasts?

A title on my reading list for this year is Throttle Twisting America – Mike Hyde’s trip through 50 American states. What about you – do you have dreams of hitting the highway Easy-Rider Style? And what’s your favourite road to ride or drive in Canterbury? Or are you a complete stay-at-home?

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