Christchurch Romance Writers

Essie Summers is one of a number of successful New Zealand romance writers. The Guru has suggested some more with a Christchurch connection. These include:

Alison Roberts is the pseudonym of a Christchurch writer who is still going strong with Mills and Boon. The Press has an interview with her called  “A career built on love”.

Nora Sanderson, 1905-1975. Nora was writing for Mills and Boon in the 1960s and 70s and possibly lived at Templeton. She was born Nora Brocas and the library has her book about growing up in New Zealand. Her novels can be interloaned from the National Library.

Mavis Winder, 1907-1987. Our libraries still have plenty of her works. She wrote some titles under the name Mavis Areta and published in the USA as Mavis Areta Wynder to ensure correct pronunciation. Her maiden name was Wright. Her books had some wonderful titles – ‘The fanned flame’, ‘Love keeps no score’, ‘Folly is joy’…

Does anyone know anything else about these writers or any other successful romance writers based in or around Christchurch?

One thought on “Christchurch Romance Writers

  1. Tom Darby 2 June 2018 / 4:07 am

    For me, Nora Sanderson is better known as the author of ‘The Puppycat.’ I loved that book as a child. It’s sad that not one copy can be purchased today.

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