The wicked game, or a good walk spoiled

The Wicked GameA day spent golfing is some people’s idea of heaven. But anyone who’s tried to play the game will know the special corner of hell that is the mental anguish of trying to play consistently well. Trying to keep co-ordinated, avoid hazards and have a good short game takes dedication and a lot of practice.

Golfers are spoilt for choice in Christchurch. The library has a page of excellent golfing resources to help you improve your swing. There’s pages on the recently-completed NZ PGA Championship, New Zealand’s oldest golf tournament, and the NZ Women’s Open, both of which are played in Christchurch. The women’s open will be played at the new Pegasus Golf Course, just north of the city, in February.

As you can tell, I’m desperately trying to avoid mentioning Tiger. So, without discussing adultery, horrendous golf puns or bad jokes; with absolutely no mention of Tiger Woods and the 2009 flatulence-supression ‘scandal’, or anything like that,  please tell me:

Do you have a favourite golf course in Canterbury? And what’s your best (or worst) golfing experience?