Raggamuffin 2010

Roger Steffens & Peter Simon's reggae scrapbook

What do Lauryn Hill, Sean Kingston and I all have in common? Apart from the obvious, we are all human? Well, we were all lucky enough to be enjoying the sunshine in Rotorua last weekend! On the Saturday just gone, the so-called Māori capital of Aotearoa played host to some of the most respected Rasta reggae artists of this century!

On a slightly cloudy and overcast morning, approximately 30,000 Rastafarians turned out to celebrate the many Rasta-ways! Smooth reggae beats were complemented by the scorching NZ sun as the red, yellow and green of flags flew high in the air!

Sean Kingston was a crowd favourite, but I enjoyed the quick-tongue of the sista, Lauryn Hill, as she performed a collaboration of lyrics from Miseducation. My ultimate fave though was the pimp-styles of Mr Lurva-Lurva himself, Shaggy! His lyrics sent some of the female folk into frenzies, which was definitely entertaining to watch!

One thought on “Raggamuffin 2010

  1. Donna 26 January 2010 / 6:31 pm

    Lucky you! Did you get to see Sly and Robbie, I’m a big fan of them and this was one of the tracks of the eighties, I always wanted a frock like the back up singers – Boops here to go

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