I’m a gleek!

Fridays have always been the best day of the week in my opinion but now that I have Glee to look forward to every Friday night it is definitely my favourite day.  I’m totally obsessed with this show and I know I’m not the only one.  The  great characters, cool story, singing and dancing make a winning combination and it’s popularity has just been proven with it winning the Golden Globe for Best Comedy or Musical (beating 30 Rock yay!).

I sit down to watch it on Friday nights (and the Glee-peat on Wednesday night on C4) and love every minute of it.  I couldn’t even tell you who my favourite character is because they’re all great, apart from Will Schuster’s wife who really annoys me.

For those of you who love the show and the songs that they sing you can get the first volume of the soundtrack from the library (and hopefully the second volume soon too as it has just been released) and if you’re really keen you could get the music score of the songs so that you can play or sing the songs, or even start up your own Glee club.  They’re all really catchy songs and it’s a great CD to listen to at work to pass the day.

Are you a gleek or are you more of a Sue Silvester who wants to crush Glee?

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