Writers dispense advice in song

Some authors make writing look so easy, pumping out several books a year, while others take their time, spending years on their one great book.  I’ve never found writing easy and I know that I’m definitely a reader not a writer but I envy those who have got these great ideas in their head and can get them down on paper. 

I came across a video on a blog last week that a group of American Young Adult authors have put together to give writing advice to writers young and old.  You may remember a song from the early ’90s called ‘Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)’ which provided us with advice for life in a catchy and amusing way.  A group of 28 American Young Adult writers have changed the words of this song to give other writers some inspiration and hope so that they will continue writing and not give up, even when they keep getting rejection letters.

We also have a great selection of books and other materials that will help you improve your writing or give you some ideas so you can get started:

  • Creative Writing pages on our website for Adults and Teens
  • Authors pages on our website for Adults, Teens and Kids so you can get tips from other writers
  • Check out the Creative Writing courses available in Christchurch through CINCH
  • Check the catalogue to see the huge range of writing resources we have in the library

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