Eco Artists New Zealand at the Central Library

Take a group of artists with a passion for the environment working to create awareness of ecological issues and you have  Eco Artists New Zealand The group will be displaying and talking about their work on the Ground Floor of the Central Library from the 15th of January to the 14th of February 2010.

Their work on display includes painting, book editing, glass and wire sculptures and jewellery. I particularly liked a work by Douglas Buglass featuring a boulder with thumbprint whorls carved into it.

Artists from the Trust will be available to talk about their work on the following dates.

Julie Kennedy will speak about her writing on the 9th of February at 2pm and the 10th of February at 11 am.

Kate Spencer will speak about Eco Artists New Zealand, the Non Profit Charitable Trust, its beginning and its focus, on the 31st of January at 3 pm and the 1st of February at 6pm.