Get fit 2010

The New Year is here, and I’m looking forward to another year of exercise. Yes, this couch potato does have an exercise programme which I have followed for over two years. For many people the New Year is the time of resolutions, and the resolution to get fit is possibly the most common. There is lots of advice out there on the internet, our web site and in books, but we are all different. This is how I managed to put exercise into my life.

First it is very important to know why you want to exercise more. We all know that it is important but why is exercise important to me?  Here are my reasons for exercising:

  • to go tramping. Despite my official couch potato status I like tramping but was not able to enjoy it because of my lack of fitness.
  • fix up my knee, which hurt while tramping and during everyday life.
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Beach Books from the Barrow

On a warm, sunny day with lots of people around in New Brighton, you may see our red wheelbarrow filled with books out and about. Librarians wearing red to match the barrow will be pushing books no longer needed at our library and giving them away. We hope you enjoy them!

New Brighton Library Team

Image of the week

Children sailing model yachts on Victoria Lake, Hagley Park. Circa 1960.

Children sailing model yachts on Victoria Lake, Hagley Park

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