New Year’s Resolution Reading

I’m going to lose weight

Does this clutter make my butt look fat?: An Easy Plan for Losing Weight and Living More
Clutter expert Walsh believes that somehow the clutter in our lives is connected to the clutter (fat) in our bodies. I’m not convinced, but hopefully reading the book could at least get the house tidied.

Skinny bastard
Follow up to Skinny bitch, (made popular by Victoria Beckham). I wonder if David Beckham has read it?

The 6-Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle: The Simple Plan to Flatten Your Belly Fast!
Shows you how to “regain in midlife the figure of sleek, flat-bellied youth”. What if you didn’t have a sleek flat bellied youth, will the book still work?

I’m going to look after my health

50 reasons to stop smoking / 50 reasons to keep smoking
Conventional self-help books and social ostracising haven’t always provided the solution, so perhaps a humorous approach will?

The Real Man’s Tool Box: A DIY Health Manual for Men
The book that partners and wives will read, and then summarise for the men in their lives.

I’m going to get fit

Brain Training for Runners: A Revolutionary New Training System to Improve Endurance, Speed, Health, and Results
Train the brain as well as the body.

Bikram Yoga: The Guru Behind Hot Yoga Shows the Way to Radiant Health and Personal Fulfillment
The yoga everyone who is anyone seems to be doing at the moment. Sweat your way to personal fulfilment, buy the yoga mat and get the gear

I will find love

“Relate” Guide to Finding Love
According to the publishers this book is filled with practical and sensible advice.

Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You
A very positive way to start the year!

The Chase: What I’ve learned from one million men on dating, sex and relationships
No, this woman hasn’t had relationships with 1 million men, but she is a well known Australian blogger who has heard it all.

I need a holiday

Picnic spots & camping sites : Christchurch and Canterbury : great places for families
Ideal guide book for fabulous places to visit around Canterbury.

Let’s go camping : 66 great places to pitch your tent or park your van and things to do when you get there
In depth reviews on campsites throughout New Zealand as well as hints and tips on how to best enjoy your holiday in the great outdoors

I’m going to learn to cook

The thrifty cookbook : 476 ways to eat well with leftovers
Need to use up those Christmas leftovers? The author tackles frequently asked questions such how much mould we can scrape off the jam, and how some well-chosen store cupboard basics can transform any leftover carrot or bacon rind into a satisfying meal.

Julie Biuso’s never-ending summer : stunning barbecue dishes to tempt you all year round
All recipes are designed for the BBQ, but can easily be cooked in-doors if the weather turns. Very handy for a Christchurch summer!

I need a new job

Balance your life and work : how to get the best from your job and still have a life
If you feel overwhelmed by the constant juggling of different areas of your life, this book can help. Containing a quiz, step-by-step guidance and action points, top tips to bear in mind for the future, common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them.

How to keep your cool if you lose your job : a workbook for surviving redundancy
The reader is introduced to ten crucial tips for surviving redundancy: keep your cool; don’t take it personally; get professional support; lay the foundations; get structured; take your time; get flexible; take action; tell people; stay positive.

See our page on New Year’s resolutions for more ideas of making changes in 2010 …


It’s always good to get bit of feverish anticipation going, and there are a lot of booky things to look forward to in 2010.  Women on Air are hosting some really big names in the first few months of the year; writers whose books have been top of the reserve lists, popular as book club selections and the subject of enthusiastic word of mouth among readers.

Marina Lewycka, whose books A short history of tractors in  Ukrainian and Two caravans are book club staples, will be visiting on the 19th of February. Lewycka is  married to a New Zealander but based in the UK.

Xinran always attracts deservedly large audiences at literary festivals and will be at Christchurch Girls’ High School at 7.30 on March 3rd. If you missed her at the 2008 Press Christchurch Writers Festival here’s another chance to see and hear an amazing woman.

Elizabeth Kostova wrote one of my favourite books ever, The historian. Not just because it features libraries and librarians, but because it’s scary and thrilling, literary and readable. She’s here on March  8th and I’m really looking forward to hearing what she thinks of those vampires-come-lately Edward Cullen and Bill Compton, although it might not be a very tactful question – is she bitter that she wrote a vampire story but hasn’t ended up richer than God?

Andrea Levy finishes up this stellar list on March 25th. Her books are the best kind of fiction, books that both reflect experience and expand understanding  Small Island won the Orange Prize and told the story of the migration of Levy’s family to London from Jamaica in the 1960’s. The fruit of the lemon is on a smaller scale but it’s my favourite, telling the story of a young woman’s journey back to her parent’s homeland.