Celebrate Christmas with some magical stories for children

A lot of adults are sick of Christmas with only two and a half weeks to go, but there are lots of children out there who are excited and eagerly awaiting the big day.  There are plenty of ways to celebrate Christmas in these last few weeks:

1. Read some of the magical Christmas stories that we have here in the library.  One of my favourite new Christmas books is Father Christmas needs a wee by Nicholas Allan about Father Christmas who has too many drinks when he is out delivering presents and desperately needs to get home for a toilet break.  We have plenty of other great Christmas books in the library and you can check out a selection of these in our Children’s Christmas Reading Booklist.

2. Bake some special Christmas cookies, cupcakes or mince pies using recipes in our Christmas cookbooks.

3. Make some very creative Christmas crafts and decorations to make your tree look stunning or put them up around your house.

4. Listen to some Christmas music.  There are plenty of traditional Christmas carols that you can sing along to or new Christmas songs by The Wiggles, Hi-Five or Bob the Builder.

5. Watch some very funny Christmas movies, including my favourites The Santa Clause, Elf, Muppet Christmas Carol.

If you want more ideas of Christmasy things to do or want to find out some information about Christmas and how different people celebrate it, you could check out our Children’s Christmas pages.

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