Harbour Kitchens

I notice that Harbour kitchens : celebrating Lyttelton, its food and people is on order, and should hopefully arrive in our libraries soon.  This is a wonderful cookbook, produced by parents from Lyttelton main and Lyttelton West Schools as a fundraising project.  Gone are the days of photocopied sheets of recipes hurriedly put together by the local PTA.  Harbour kitchens could well stand beside costlier and well-known cookery books and feel proud!

I like a cookbook to be crammed full of colourful photos, and Harbour kitchens has plenty of luscious looking food as well as photos of local personalities and school children, all taken by Lyttleton photographers. The recipes are supplied by local restaurants as well as parents and people associated with the school, so there is a lovely variety of flavours to choose from.  I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this book and have already enjoyed cooking a number of the recipes.  They have turned out beautifully and almost look like the photos! (A sign of a good cook book I think).

What a wonderful fundraising project, as well as a peek into what makes Lyttelton such an interesting place to live.  The local Library is rather good as well I hear!

3 thoughts on “Harbour Kitchens

  1. Gail 7 December 2021 / 8:56 am

    How do l get hold of the Cookbook which is raising funds for Lyttleton school and how much is it.

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