Recent necrology, 10-30 November 2009

Necrology – a list of notable people who have died recently. Now a regular feature on our blog.

Nien Cheng, 1915-2009
Chinese American author who recounted her harrowing experiences of the cultural revolution n her memoir Life and death in Shanghai
Lionel Davidson, 1922-2009
Thriller writer whose novels, which mixed excitement with moral intensity, impressed the giants of the genre
Jeanne-Claude, 1935-2009
Artist whose monumental installations included wrapping up the Reichstag and the Pont Neuf in Paris
H.C. Robbins Landon, 1926-2009
Scholar and critic who unearthed Haydn’s forgotten works but fell victim to a musical hoax
Arda Mandikian, 1924-2009
Operatic soprano who inspired Benjamin Britten but fell foul of the ruling military junta in her native Greece
Geoffrey Moorhouse, 1931-2009
Journalist and writer of brilliant diversity who only just survived an epic voyage across the Sahara
Ian Norrie, 1927-2009
Journalist, author and bookseller whose pungent views earned him the title ‘Sage of Hampstead’
Elisabeth Soderstrom, 1927-2009
Operatic soprano whose mesmerising performances enthralled audiences at Glyndebourne for 40 years
Edward Woodward, 1930-2009
Actor who could turn his hand to any part but found particular fame with his bleak performances in Callan and The Equalizer

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