Max and the Wild Things stomp into cinemas

One of the coolest and most popular picture books of all time, Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are makes it’s big screen debut today.  You probably couldn’t miss the huge cutouts promoting the movie in cinemas and some of us have had their photos taken pretending to be Max.  I’m really excited about seeing the movie tonight, even though there have been mixed reviews of it.  It’s one of those movies where you just have to leave the original story behind and enjoy the movie in its own right.  Everything I’ve read about it and all the trailers I’ve seen make it look and sound fantastic.

If you’d prefer to read the original picture book or just want to revisit the story before you see the movie we have plenty of copies in the library.  You can also watch the trailer for the movie here.

After seeing the movie…

It lived up to all my expectations and I came out of the cinema with a huge grin on my face, wanting to see it again right away.  The Wild Things look very much like the original ones from the book and I wanted to be Max, hanging out with the Wild Things and sleeping in a big pile with them.  Each of the Wild Things is quite different in personality and their clashes in personality make it difficult for them all to live together.  As Spike Jonze (the director) explained, it is not a children’s movie but a movie about childhood and you see childhood emotions coming out in the Wild Things, such as worry, fear, anger, and the feeling that nobody ever listens to you.  It wasn’t a scary movie so younger children would cope, unless they’re scared of monsters.  I thoroughly recommend it!

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