And the bad sex winner is….

Drum roll, bated breath, nervous giggles. The 2009 Bad Sex In Fiction winner is Jonathan Littell!

400 connoisseurs of crummy sex writing gathered at London’s In & Out Club (I didn’t make that name up) to toast Littell’s sucess. The man of the moment didn’t attend but the award, presented by the lovely Charles Dance, was accepted by his editor at Chatto and Windus. The judges praised The Kindly Ones as an “ambitious and impressive novel” and hoped Littell took the prize in “good humour”.

So bad luck Philip Roth, John Banville, Nick Cave etc but don’t be too despondent there is always next year. For a peep at the prizewinning passage see The Literary Review, be prepared to blush.

2 thoughts on “And the bad sex winner is….

  1. questionof 2 December 2009 / 10:09 pm

    The passage didn’t really make me blush… But it did make me laugh!

  2. Joycie 3 December 2009 / 10:22 am

    Is laughing or blushing worse?! The Philip Roth passage made me cackle and go pink. And when I tried to read the dirty bits from Antony Quinn’s The Rescue Man my workmates ran screaming from the room. Ho-hum

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