It’s a long walk home from Peel Forest

We had all the ingredients for a truly catastrophic breakdown, we were on an unfamiliar back country road,  our cell phone was flat and it was not only a dark night, but also a stormy one.

It had all the fixings of a disastrous end to a holiday. I wish I could say my encyclopaedic knowledge of the Library’s Motor Manual Collection saved us, but actually it was the AA and an emergency cell phone battery. Had I been closer to home though, I could have consulted one of our comprehensive collection of Motor Manuals, including heaps of manuals  for very old and very new vehicles, manuals for trucks, motorbikes and even lawn mowers.

When your car is broken down it’s handy to know that the Library can probably help you out repair-manual-wise, it is also handy to know that telling your Librarian-Wife the mechanic said you really needed a new battery the last time it broke down, but you didn’t think he knew what he was talking about, will probably lead to her checking out a book like this.

If you are 7 years old…

Sheep With Boots
Sheep With Boots

… or 70; maybe in your 30s; a teenager, perhaps?

No matter your age, this little book will get you hooked.

A charming tale infused with Dutch folklore, some clever twists and the most stylish Wolf (in close competition with Harvey Keitel) which is a joy to read.

Written by Maritgen Matter with lovely eye-catching illustrations by Jan Jutte, another curiously good read from the people at Gecko Press.