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Do you want access to job vacancies, births and deaths notices and stories of importance from all around the world before that information has even gone to print? Does the thought of chewing on your vegemite toast while reading news about Obama before Washington politicians have been able to get their grubby hands on it appeal to you? Or on a lighter note do you relish the thought of nabbing the crossword in the paper before your workmates have managed to see it so you can come across as the office genius? The library has the solution in the form of Press Display!

Press DisplayThis easy to use electronic resource gives you full page replicas of over 900 newspapers from 91 countries in 41 languages with their normal layout and complete editorial content including advertising.  There is plenty of local content as you can see major New Zealand newspapers such as  The Press or the Dominion Post. New Zealand local and provincial news is also covered with publications from the Northern News to the Southland Times. Read these publications online as if they were sitting in your hand!

For those familiar with life further afield, why not catch up on news as it happens in your native language such as Chinese, Afrikaans, Arabic or Russian! We have everything from Albania’s “Shekulli” to Zimbabwe’s “Business Weekly”. Today’s edition and up to 60 days of back issues are available for you to enjoy – simply search the library catalogue for “Press Display” or individual newspaper titles.  Alternatively, you can find Press Display along with other useful electronic resources in our Premium sites.

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I just received my reserved copy of The Gathering Storm. For those of you who don’t know the saga behind this publication, I refer you to my previous post here. For those link averse I will quickly summarise; author Robert Jordan wrote eleven of a planned twelve book epic series entitled The Wheel of Time, but then sadly passed away before he could complete the final book (if only he hadn’t stopped mid-series and written that prequel). Author Brandon Sanderson was given the task of completing the series by Jordan’s wife and provided with extensive notes, plot plans and indeed entire scenes already completed. Now that book has arrived and I can finally complete the series I started reading when I was 13. Or can I? Continue reading

Image of the week

Cars parked on Cambridge Terrace. 1945.

Cars parked on Cambridge Terrace

Looking towards Amuri Motors on the corner of Gloucester and Durham Streets. Sept. 1945

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