Music legend James Taylor is coming to New Zealand

MusicnotesWhen I read on James Taylor’s fan site that the great man himself was coming to Auckland on April 10, 2010  along with Carole King, I was ecstatic! Their Troubadour Reunion concert was advertised yesterday in the Sunday Star Times, along with an interview with Taylor and his long-time friend and collaborator Carole King.   I have been a fan of James Taylor for years now after my dad introduced me to his music and his albums take up a significant space in my CD collection.  He’s one of those artists that whenever I listen to his music my soul glows because it just makes me so happy.  He has an amazing voice, which I think has aged like a fine wine, and has written some amazing songs, such as Fire and Rain, Carolina in my mind, Line ’em up, and My travelling star.

I’ll definitely be lining up for tickets when they go on sale on Monday 23 November.

If you’re also a fan, we have some of his albums in the library including my favourites October Road, You’ve got a friend: the best of James Taylor, and One Man Band.

2012 – AAAaaaaaaarrrgggh

If the movie 2012 has left you fascinated with Mayan prophecies, the Apocalypse, etc there are a few books to peruse on the end of the world and the 2012 astronomical predictions and forecasts.

Dark futures and dystopias are a perpetual source of fascination for readers and writers;  we like to explore how the human race might pan out. Society’s fears are projected into our method of demise, in today’s climate change obsessed world people predict water levels will swamp us all, technology fears make writers imagine a world where computers and robots do us in.

But if this just gives you the willies, try this for a little injection of lightness …